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    Puerto Rico, one of the most famous islands in the Caribbean, bids you a tropical getaway with bountiful natural beauty to enjoy – trek through rainforest-covered mountains with cascading waterfalls or enjoy snorkelling around the island’s gorgeous beaches. Some of the secluded bays are simply out-of-this-world amazing – picture secluded bays with waves that wonderfully glow from bioluminescent planktons.

    Besides stunning nature, Puerto Rico offers fun contrasts and an eclectic mix. The capital of San Juan, for instance, has the Isla Verde resort filled with modern casino hotels and beach bars, while vibrant history and centuries-old fortresses lie just west of it in the historic district. For your senses, you have must-tries of Puerto Rican cuisine, rums, and some of the world’s famous cocktails such as piña colada that call Puerto Rico home.

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