Micropia Museum is a zoo and attraction that focuses on microbiology and the organisms we encounter every day. An attraction of a different kind, Micropia Museum displays living creatures in a new and unique way. In fact, the museum is one of the first museums in the world that focuses on microbiology and how it affects daily life, both in positive and negative ways.

    The museum exhibits highlight examples of actual living microbes and virtual representations of them. The museum aims to show microbes in a positive and fascinating light to help bridge the gap of understanding between science and the general population.

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    Highlights of Micropia

    Micropia shows the world around us in a way most of us never think about by showcasing microscopic life forms that exist in and around us. You can see displays of Petri dishes that show the beautiful intricacy of microbial cultures, as well as a scanner that shows what types of microbes grow on humans.

    The only light surrounding the exhibits at the Micropia Museum is from the displays themselves, giving the whole exhibit an eerie atmosphere. The museum has a microbiology lab on the premises where lab technicians also work as museum docents and offer to answer any questions you may have.

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    Good things to know about visiting Micropia

    Micropia Museum is part of the Artis Amsterdam Royal Zoo complex. After purchasing tickets on the ground floor and taking the lift to the first floor, you will see such attractions as a film about the mites in our eyes.

    The Kiss-o-Meter is always a crowd-pleaser, as it counts the number of microbes transferred in a kiss. The museum also has a preserved human digestive system, as well as a large display of various viruses, bacteria, fungi and algae. Patrons can learn how imperative microbes are for life on our planet as we know it.


    Расположение: Plantage Kerklaan 38-40, 1018 CZ Amsterdam, Netherlands

    Часы работы: Daily from 11 am to 5 pm

    Телефон: +31 20 523 3670

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